Did you know that when Meridians are Balanced and Flowing with Energy, your body responds with vibrant health and energy?

Who is this workshop for?

- Active adults looking for more energy & stamina for their leisure time

- Businesswomen looking for more focus and concentration.

- Shift workers who want a mental shift in minutes.

- Travellers including pilots, and airline stewardesses that experience jetlag.

Benefits of Balanced Meridians:

Give afternoon BLUES a new colour and have more energy!
Shift your mood and mind in minutes
Improve flexibility


Relieve acute pain in an instant


Quick adjustment to time changes


Have more focus and concentration in minutes

Meridian Magic Playshop


Experience the Magic of Balanced Meridian Energy!

When: Monday, February 13 from 11am - 1pm EST

Where: Online and Live by Zoom.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Feel Energized, Amplified and Revitalized during and after the Playshop

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"I highly recommend taking a class from Heather. She is energetic and full of knowledge!"

A personal note from Heather... 

By the time you are done playshop, you will:

1) Know the definition of a meridian 

2) Know why it is so important to balance all 14.

3) Know the names of each meridian and other characteristics of them.

4) Find out where each meridian is on the body and where the beginning and endpoint are located.

5) Know how to find out which meridian(s) are out of balance.

6) Find out what puts you out of energetic balance and alignment.

7) Learn the  newest Energy Boost Self-care technique called the Time of Day Reset and other simple ways to put yourself back into balance and alignment.

BONUS One: Learn a way to regulate your body temperature and get rid of headaches in minutes.

BONUS Two: Experience the First 5 Energy Boost Self-care techniques.

BONUS Three: Get access to the Only program called Meridian Magic mini-course that includes the Meridian Magic Matrix (Cheat sheet of all the meridians)

It feels like Magic!! I look forward to our time together.

Reserve your seat and I will see you online soon.

Love & Light,


What people are saying ...

After class, Sarah & Helen send me these messages:

"Heather! You took complex concepts and made them easy to understand and integrate into my daily life. Taking this class gave me time to connect to me, my body, and rebalance. I am so grateful you offered this opportunity to realign my body, energy, and systems. I feel energized and balanced... so relaxed too!! Thank you." Sarah Sparks, Business Owner, NC, USA

 “The timing of your Meridian Magic Playshop could not have been better for me. A few days before I had thrown my back out. I was unsure if I could even follow the movements (like touching my toes) but I felt a whole new energy and reduced pain level from attending your class. I will be practicing the meridian alignment daily.  Thank you.” ~Helen Snell, Owner of Ontario, Canada