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Energy Self-Care!

Download Energy Boost Self-care First Five techniques.  Do the First Five daily and let us know your results!


When you want to learn the Magic of Meridians,

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Whether you're in pain or want more energy after a long trip look to the magic of meridians to give you more energy & resilience. 


Come for learning, fun and pleasure.

Leave with focus, comfort and a feeling of  peace & calm .


Do you take days to adjust when the time changes or when you travel through time zones?


Are you a shift worker who needs to be productive the first day of your new shift time?


Do you want to be fully functional, active and joyful when you reach your destination 3 time zones away?


Do you want to learn about the 14 major energy pathways of the body also called Meridians and their emotional and physical attributes?


If you answers "YES" to any of the above questions, you will want to the Meridian Magic Mini-course.

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About your Instructor

Heather Phillips, HBPE

Heather has her Honours Bachelor of Physical Education degree and did her Honours Thesis about the effects of a meridian balance on muscles. She started teaching Touch for Health® when she was 22 and empowers people to use energy self-testing to discover solutions to emotional and physical pain and stress using a 3 step simple process called Assign, Design, Align.

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What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"Heather took complex concepts and made it easy to understand and integrate into my daily life. Taking this class gave me time to connect to me, my body, and rebalance. I am so grateful you offered this opportunity to realign my body, energy, and systems. I feel energized and balanced... so relaxed too!!.

Sarah Sparks

Spiritual Business Mentor

"The timing of your Meridian Magic Playshop could not have been better for me. A few days before I had thrown my back out. I was unsure if I could even follow through the movements (like touching my toes) but I felt a whole new energy and reduced pain level from attending your class. I will be practising the meridian balance daily.  Thank you" 

Helen Snell


"I have taken 4 courses with Heather so far and can’t wait to take more.

Laurie Peel

"Heather makes learning about the body's electrical system easy to understand. I found taking the class really helped my foot pain and I've continued to use the techniques for other areas of the body too.

Lainie Sevante' Wulkan

Co-Author of The Food Healing Oracle Deck


I am excited to announce the creation of a new book called 

Magical Essentials for Energy Self-Care to be launched mid-year.  

You may have heard me talk about it, get excited about it, share information that will be in it. Some of you have already told me you want the book!
I am blessed with your excitement for me and the contents of this profound book.  
It is a book to develop & trust your intuition, creating an energy self-care routine that is uniquely yours.
It is a book that will help you reduce pain, increase energy, concentration and focus. 
The book is more than techniques; it is about a process to optimize your wellness! I am announcing this book now so you can get your order in early.



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